Space Camp

India 2023

Astronaut training experience program




11TH - 20TH JUNE 2023

Camp Duration

10 Days

Space Exploration


Mars Habitat

The goal of this analogue missions is to understand how humans will react to the unique challenges of living and working on Mars, such as the harsh environment, isolation, and limited resources.

This simulation is to help prepare for a real manned mission to Mars in the future.

Multi Axis Trainer

Recall the sight of a person being securely fastened in a chair and spun in a succession of foreboding rotating metal hoops. It is known as an Aerotrim (also referred to as a Multi-Axis Trainer or MAT), and it is used to train pilots and astronauts in terms of 3-axis gimbal control.

1/6th Gravity Chair

A 1/6th gravity chair is a device used for training astronauts for missions to the Moon. The chair simulates the reduced gravity environment of the Moon, which is about 1/6th that of Earth's gravity. This allows participants to experience and adapt to the unique physical demands of working and moving in a low-gravity environment.

Crew Module Simulation

Are you curious about what it's like to fly in a spacecraft to the depths of space? We have got you a replica of Crew Module from ASTROBORNE Technologies - India’s first Commercial Spaceflight Startup. Participants will experience actual conditions that Astronauts will be experiencing during their space mission.

Our FlagshipWorkshops

Space Camp India is a program that offers workshops and educational opportunities for students and educators in India to learn about space science and technology. The workshops are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge of space-related topics such as rocketry, astronomy, and space robotics.

One of the main focus of Space Camp India is to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of space science and technology. Participants in the workshops have the opportunity to learn about the history of space exploration, the current state of space technology, and the future of space travel. They also have the opportunity to learn about the different components of a rocket, and how they are used to launch a spacecraft into orbit, how a satellite functions etc.

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