The largest Space Camp in India ever happening on the grounds of
Lovely Professional University

15th June - 25th June
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We strives to revolutionize science, technology, and innovation. The major
goal is to channel young people’s inner scientific and technological
intellects into creative endeavors.
About Us Hexagon Aerospace
Become an important part of the India’s biggest Space Camp! Enjoy friendships
and a sense of community with other volunteers who share
a passion for space exploration.
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Top Attractions

1/6th Gravity Chair

Gravity chair shows Space Camp attendees what it might be like to walk on the moon.

Space Walk

Take a walk in space outside of a spacecraft to get a sense of what it's like to be outside of the earth's detectable atmosphere.

Multi Axis Trainer

Zero-gravity or “the feeling of weightlessness” is surely a lifetime experience and participants will get the chance to take a ride on Multi Axis Trainer.

Gaganyaan Crew Module

Participants will sit in a replica of the Gaganyaan crew module and experience actual conditions that Astronauts will be experiencing during their space mission.

Space Camp India

Space Camp India will be the largest summer/technical camp ever held in India brought to you by Student Organization “Hexagon Aerospace” under the aegis of division of Youth Affairs, Lovely Professional University (LPU ). We welcome you all to this grand event where we have in store for you all a plethora of activities from a wide spectrum. Those attending Space Camp India will discover the potential that transverse from what if to can do. Helping students to inculcate educative values and have fun on the side. From dodging meteors to simulating space walks, this is a lifetime opportunity for all of those who will join us.

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Battle of Bands

Music is the soul of life. Participants will compete against each
other with the power of music vested upon them.

Prize pool: Up to INR 100,000/-


Innovation Challenge

Prize Pool: INR 160,000

Space Warriors

Prize Pool: INR 150,000

Paper-Wings Championship

Prize Pool: INR 60,000

Space Quiz

Prize Pool: INR 20,000

Space Painting Competition

Prize Pool: INR 10,000

Battle of Band

Prize Pool: INR 100,000

Battle of Dance

Prize Pool: INR 80,000

Planet Hunt


Squid Games

Prize Pool: INR 60,000




Prize Pool: INR 10,000

Speed Cubing

Prize Pool: INR 10,000

Join Us As a Volunteer And

share your passion for space exploration.

Volunteers are an important part of the Space Camp India’s family and help the participants through their journey during the Camp. Become an important part of the India’s biggest Space Camp! Enjoy friendships and a sense of community with other volunteers who share a passion for space exploration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any student from class 6th to 12th and 1st and 2nd year of college can participate in this camp.

We use social distance between teams where possible during camp activities

we find that having children stay overnight drastically reduces homesickness. Allowing a child to be picked up and dropped off daily would cause a great deal of disruption to the team. Additionally, our camps can have some very long days – often going from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Therefore, children must stay on-site during our residential camp programs.

Any participant, participating in Space Camp India is eligible to participate for any of the competition available in the camp.

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